Welcome to AQUEAS by drizign, Australian made & owned.

AQUEAS is the highly respected Aquatic brand of Drizign Pty Ltd. An Australian company forged by industry professionals seeking to realise their vision, of setting the benchmark for stainless steel product excellence within Australia.

Drizign’s expertise grew into two distinct sectors, the aquatic industry and the architectural industry, as such has seen the development of two sub brands, AQUEAS and modaVIVO respectively.

AQUEAS prides itself on precision work, attention to detail and years of experience in the aquatic & fabrication industry. Our rigorous testing means you can count on the quality of our workmanship and product excellence.

Our Mission

Today, AQUEAS continues to be 100% Australian owned and operated, with over 40 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, fabrication and supply of high quality aquatic products, and an impeccable reputation for service from start to finish.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing quality products, competitive prices and knowledgeable service. We achieve this by establishing a workplace environment conducive to motivating employees to achieve their goals and to prosper as the company prospers.

Dedicated to a rigorous research and development programme and determined to be leaders, not followers, AQUEAS is quick to adopt and implement new design solutions and fabrication techniques to reflect current market trends and styles. This has resulted in many of AQUEAS’s innovative products requiring design registrations and patents to protect their innovative uniqueness.
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For aquatic products that are a clear cut above the rest, the only solution is AQUEAS.