FALSE START POST (Twist Lock & Quick Release)-AQ-FSP/LT-QR

False Start Posts should be installed 15 metres from each end of the pool and a False Start Rope should be 1.2 metres above the water. The posts slide into post sockets that are core drilled and glued into the concourse / coping.



Quick Release Cam

An eyelet is attached to the post allowing the False Start Rope to run through the top then down to the Quick Release Cam. The cam allows the rope to be released and drop onto the water if a false start is called and stopping the swimmer from going any further. Use the AQ-PS01 Post Socket for the 38mm or other diameters available.

Twist Lock
An eyelet is attached to the post allowing the False Start Rope to be tied or clipped to the post. When inserting the post you will need to twist the post until it locks into position. The twist lock requires the use AQ-PS01/TL Post Sockets for 38mm or other diameters available.

Fina Rules: 
FR 2.11 False Start Rope may be suspended across the pool not less than 1.2 metres above the water level from fixed standards placed 15.0 metres in front of the starting end. It shall be attached to the standards by a quick release mechanism. The rope must effectively cover all lanes when activated.
(As at November 2017)

Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Finish: Mirror Polished
Tube Diameters: 38mmø, 44mmø and 50mmø
Length to eyelet: 1200mm or 1500mm Other lengths available on request.

If AQ-FSP/QR01 thru to AQ-FSP/QR06 is not in stock allow 1 weeks for delivery.

Posts and Sockets sold separately.

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