Underground Concealed Lane Rope Storage System

A breakthrough integrated system from Aqueas developed to meet the needs of aquatic centres looking to protect and store their valuable lane rope assets.


The AQUEAS Lane Rope Vault features several key elements working together to provide a complete solution for effective, fast and safe storage of lane ropes from the pool, to an underground concealed container:

  • Includes a flush fitting lid covered with a non-slip surface offers easy access to the hatch by use of a lifting key.
  • A connecting hook on the underside of the lid means stored lane ropes are easily accessible again.
  • The floor hatch opening includes a retractable protective roller which when in use sits elevated to prevent the lane rope from scrapping along the surface.
  • Combined with the AQUEAS Lane Rope Guard, lane rope assets need never touch the pool deck surface avoiding wear and breakage.
  • For complete protection combine with AQUEAS Lane rope Vault Storage bags made from H/D  PVC fine mesh, with additional drainage hole at the bottom of bags.
  • Vault storage bags are installed with high quality eyelets, a stainless steel support ring to maintain shape and easily fixed with our suspension wire system.
  • Vault storage bags are available in a variety of sizes to suit 25m and 50m pools, as well as standard and competition lane rope applications.


For a complete system that observes and solves many of the issues associated with lane rope storage, please consider the AQUEAS Lane Rope Vault – Underground Concealed Lane Rope Storage System.

Delivery Time – Allow 4 weeks.